Data Analytics

It is complex to gain insights from the data distributed across the organization. We help our clients to make the right investments in data analytics and enable them to gain business insights and maximize business value.

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Business Reporting Solutions

Our team can help you to implement custom enterprise-level business intelligence solutions that meet your organizational needs. Our goal is to  improve overall decision making efficiency.

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Mobile Solutions

Availability of enterprise information on mobile devices has become a standard. We help you integrate the analyzed information, measures and reports on mobile devices to enable real-time business decisions.

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Since 2003


Our mission is to enable our customers to maximize the value for their investments in the data and technology .

Amastech is an innovative solutions company that focuses on Data, Business Intelligence and Mobile Solutions. Our team thinks out of the box and designs the solutions that create an edge in realizing the business value.

Our team delivered mission critical solutions over the years. Our solutions are designed to enable our clients to resolve the problems and take rig business decisions.

Contact us today to discuss how we analyze the problem and develop a tailored solution that matches your requirements.


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